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On Formatting

Anna did an oopsy!

When I released my first self-published book (under another name), everything was formatted perfectly — poems, flash fiction, and short stories. But last night when I brought my Kindle to a meeting so a friend could read Gracie’s Gamble, I realized that instead of formatting my story properly in block text with blank lines between paragraphs, as one is supposed to do for this modern age, for some inexplicable reason I had reverted to indenting with tabs. Yikes!

Obviously it wasn’t the worst thing and the romance was perfectly readable, but it did look a little bit odd on the Kindle with lines indended and no white space between paras. Knowing me and my OCD tendencies, I am sure I will fix it and resubmit.

My full-length novel, Fiona’s Fling, is similarly incorrectly formatted, though easy to read in any case. I will be fixing it at some point.

Right now my highest priority is to get new stories up on my bookshelf — Rachel’s Review and The Birthday Present (short stories) are almost finished and Sweet Nothings (a novel) needs a bit of editing. I have even more coming after that and also a surprise for everyone in October — scary erotica just in time for Halloween!

OK OK, it’s more fun than scary, but even so. It’s a bit different and I hope people will enjoy. It will be formatted properly. 🙂


Comments on: "On Formatting" (2)

  1. Nekkid witches? I hear they’re doing that on American Horror Story this year too.

    I actually never even noticed my Kindle books weren’t formatted the same as a regular book. But the beauty is that you can make changes whenever you want, no?

    • Hee! No, it’s a fractured fairy tale. And yes, you can make changes in your KDP books to anything anytime — text, cover, blurb, whatever. It’s great!

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